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BLAK Wealth





"Mobilizing the Financially Excluded to Build Wealth"

The BLAK Wealth digital platform provides access to curated compelling and engaging financial literacy and entrepreneurship education content in a micro format, for financial and economic empowerment, for the financially excluded and disadvantaged to build wealth.

The BLAK Wealth platform was built specifically to inspire, educate, uplift and empower, through knowledge and execution, individuals and communities who are overlooked, underserved and financially excluded. The BLAK wealth platform encompasses several aspects of value for a user to optimize and manage their financial lives to build wealth.



Knowledge Network + Social Learning

The BLAK Wealth platform serves as a Knowlege Network and Social Learning catalyst by being an aggregator of financial and entrepreneurship knowledge and educational content where users can not only engage for themselves, but engage and share amongst others within the BLAK Wealth community.

Self-Paced Digital Incubator + Accelerator

The BLAK Wealth platform serves as a digital incubator and accelerator like any traditional physical on-site incubator and accelerator program an individual may enroll in. It is self-paced to accommodate anyone's personal level of learning ability or process. The goal is to present all the basics and fundamentals of financial literacy and entrepreneurship education to prepare and accelerate users for real life practice as a pathway to success and wealth building.

Curated Micro Learning + Educational Content

The BLAK Wealth platform provides access to curated learning and educational content purposely developed in a micro format (small sized elements) as to not be intimidating or cause apprehension. This allows for any user to not become discouraged to engage, by becoming overwhelmed or overloaded by too much knowledge and information too fast, in subject matters new to them. 

Financial + Entrepreneurial Thinking

The BLAK Wealth platform activates and compels an individual to exercise financial and entrepreneurial thinking through the engagement of the financial literacy and entrepreneurship education content. This enables a user to have stronger critical thinking regarding their personal financial planning and management and the ability to confidently think through and initiate and engage entrepreneurial pursuits.   

Social Impact

The BLAK Wealth platform serves as our Social Impact Initiative by providing access to curated financial literacy and entrepreneurship education content. This allows a user to leverage this knowledge and information in a way that enriches and positively impacts their personal lives, and the lives of others in the world they engage around them.