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-- BLAK Fintech CEO & Founder Establishes Strategic Partnership with Fintech Startup MoCaFi --

NEW YORK, NY -- Hip-Hop/Rap recording artist turned tech entrepreneur, Divine, who is the CEO and Founder of BLAK Fintech, Inc. (BLAK), has become In-Residence at Mobility Capital Finance, Inc. (MoCaFi), effective immediately. This partnership brings together two mission driven companies that are laser focused on addressing the challenges, needs and opportunities related to economic inclusion in the US. Divine is a visionary, leader, and raw and intuitive entrepreneurial thinker, with infectious energy and passion, and relentless focus and drive. He has over 15 years of experience in the urban music industry, culture, and lifestyle marketing space. From being a formerly incarcerated individual, to his personal redemptive life story, and journey into technology that has been featured via Forbes, Tech Crunch, Black Enterprise and Entrepreneur; he has been an inspiration to many. Divine is now a contributor to Black Enterprise, and has most recently become an advocate against mass incarceration, and for criminal justice reform.

"It’s an honor to enter a residency at MoCaFi and establish a strategic partnership where both brands work together towards the same objectives," said Divine. "In the proverbial pivot I have most recently been seeking out the best technology and product solution to fulfill the vision and mission of BLAK. I strongly believe that by partnering with MoCaFi I've found that. MoCaFi’s platform enables me to stay on track with my ambitions to reach millions of people and scale our vision of financial transformation. This partnership makes perfect sense, and is a new paradigm in a space that is void of a strong African-American presence. With BLAK's unique and innovative ability to reach the African-American demographic, and the experience and resources of MoCaFi, we're excited to execute and firmly establish ourselves in the market together."

"This is a terrific partnership. Divine brings passion and commitment to the challenging financial issues plaguing the African-American community. Our mission to provide a new way for individuals and businesses, who are financially excluded and disadvantaged, requires innovative thinking and solutions.  The opportunity for MoCaFi and BLAK to have an impact in this way makes a lot of sense," said Wole Coaxum, MoCaFi's CEO and Founder. "Divine's personal life story and entrepreneurial journey speaks volumes, not only to his redemption, but to his ability to succeed despite the most challenging odds, and his commitment to do so. As his story continues to unfold, MoCaFi is excited to be a part of it.  We believe that this partnership represents a tremendous opportunity for us to accelerate our mission to help communities reimagine their financial lives. BLAK’s focus on the “Urban Entrepreneur” is an important step forward in our efforts.”


About BLAK Fintech
BLAK Fintech (BLAK) is an online and mobile financial services and technology company. BLAK builds affordable tech-driven personal financial and banking products, for the financially excluded and disadvantaged unbanked and underbanked, to optimize their financial health, and manage their financial lives to build wealth.  We provide access to a suite of fintech products, and are set upon a foundation of social impact consisting of financial literacy and entrepreneurship education for economic empowerment. Additionally, BLAK is focused on the “Urban Entrepreneur” - an upwardly mobile, future high achiever, courageous and bold risk taker who is success driven. People need access to financial tools for wealth building that can enable anyone to move “from nothing to something” and achieve entrepreneurial and financial success. BLAK brings together talented individuals, products, knowledge, social impact and responsibility, and inspiration that excites, and is a brand that represents a social and economic movement toward financial and economic empowerment and wealth building.

About Mobility Capital Finance
Mobility Capital Finance (MoCaFi) is a mobile first, data-driven financial technology company that is reimagining financial services for individuals and small businesses, to ensure that all Americans have access to safe, secure, and affordable financial products and services. MoCaFi’s platform of integrated financial tools capture financial behaviors invisible to conventional credit scores: habitual savings, paying rent on time, or regularly sending money to family. Our solution helps consumers save time, stress, and money. We bring our users into the financial mainstream by delivering essential services at low or no cost. These include a FDIC Insured Prepaid MasterCard Account, Mobile Check Cashing, TransUnion Credit Score Access, and more.  Through our proprietary insights, tools and analytics we enable access of our users to mainstream financial solutions that are affordable and sustainable. Consequently, our users get the credit they need to take their lives to the next level.


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